“You know you’ve got it!”

We have now revealed The Six – those gorgeously gifted young hair creatives who make The It List of 2020!

These are the kids who live hair 24/7, but still found a way for it to be their true passion when salons were forced to shut, and they couldn’t get their hands on heads. They’re the young salon owners who are laser-focused on delivering something genuinely unique for both their teams and their clients. Everything changes for this crew of creatives now – they didn’t just win a gleaming trophy and a socially distanced elbow bump from Russell Kane if they were lucky.

They now enjoy exposure and opportunities, a title that opens the doors that were once closed. They may go on to win Most Wanted Awards, secure an agent to amplify a session career or style A-listers like Arianna Grande and J-Lo while launching their own product line… all these things, and more, have happened to previous winners. This is a springboard to super success. The It List 2020 is here to help make dreams come true – let’s see what they each said in the heat of the moment…

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