They have it! Tips for entering from 2018’s winners…

What does it take to get your hands on a It List trophy? We probed 2018’s winners for their top tips…

The Rising Star – Jordan Massarella, Nashwhite

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Judges want to see you. I think ultimately, it’s about being totally honest, stripping it back and giving them more of a true interpretation and truer insight into you. What makes you tick, your passions, why you got into the industry in the first place…why you want to win this award! What it would mean for you, for the industry, your client base, for you moving forward. Don’t second guess yourself and if it feels true and it’s authentic to you, put it down!

The It Girl – Grace Dalgleish, Brooks & Brooks


My best bit of advice would be don’t think about the win, just think about preparing something that you’re truly proud of, that represents you as an artist. It’s okay to get knock backs (this was my second time entering The It Girl) but go again the year after – I’m so glad I had that knock back the first time, because it made me so much more hungry, it gave me that drive and passion to get back up and go for it again. I compare my portfolio at the time to this time and it’s amazing to see the growth – I’d recommend entering to anyone.

 The It Guy – Paddy McDougall, Rainbow Room International

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Say what you want to say rather than what you think the judges want to hear – so many people are going to be doing that. Obviously, there are so many different, talented people in our industry, so the edge you have on somebody else is yourself, your own traits, your own personality, so try and put that in your entry.

The Entrepreneur – Phil Benton, douce

Put everything into your application to sum up what you’ve done, because then, what more could you do!

The Fashionista – Mads-Sune Lund Christensen, Josh Wood Colour


My advice is DO IT! It’s an amazing platform to be seen and gives you an incredible opportunity to reflect on all the long hours and hard work you have put in. Keep it simple and strong – don’t try make your entry big or fancy, you don’t want to take focus from your work.

The Visionary – Grace Dalgleish, Brooks & Brooks

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The Visionary is not about having a massive budget, what I’ve been taught is to strip it back and actually less budget means you’re more creative and it makes you think harder and outside the box. Do something original, creative and just have fun with it!



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