Lorraine Naughton, owner of OB-1 Hair, and winner of the Most Wanted 2023 Sustainability Hero award, believes in making merriment but with a watchful eye on extravagance and excess 

In our exclusive HUB series, ‘F*%ked up…but fixed it’, hair professionals spill the tea on business blunders they made and how they corrected course. In this new entry, salon owner and Stã Studios co-founder, Samantha Cusick, shares her tale of finding mental strength and self-belief



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The founder of HNB Hair and Beauty Spa in Poole had a big idea for standing out, but it backfired – and very publicly! With a smart switch to her marketing strategy, find out how she made good, resulting in an 80 per cent boost to business

Hear from Ricky Walters, owner of SALON64 in London, about how his unconventional salon design was saved by a cup of hot chocolate…

Laura Murphy F*%ked up… but fixed it! Before she’d even opened her salon doors! Read about the Galway salon owner’s mistakes and fixes in financial planning

Watch and learn how founder of The Academy Barber corrected a monumental mistake, as shared live at Salon Smart Dublin 2022 

Find out why one keyboard-happy night made for an inconvenient salon situation, at Jack & the Wolfe

Award-winning salon owner, Danielle Garner reveals a business blunder that left her out of pocket and what she did to resolve it

Award-winning salon owner Joe Hemmings shares some vital advice to overcoming a common business mistake

Stag salon owners disclose how they avoided bankrupting their business

False perceptions of growth and step-by-step revaluation of business – the Nashwhite boys reveal why f*%k ups are good

Hellen Wardspills the tea on a time she miscalculated her accounts


Kaye Sotomi gets real about a mistake he made in business and his solution




From group goal setting and training day diversification, to prioritising togetherness and even being vulnerable, we probed the reigning Most Wanted Best Salon Team for it’s squad secrets

Russell Eaton Hair in Yorkshire currently employs around 10 apprentices across its two salons. Discover how the brand finds, nurtures, retains, and brings out the best in every bright young trainee, from art director, Robert Eaton 

Nicholas Nicola, founder of salon group, Allertons, explores why consultations are an often undervalued resource, but, when done correctly, can drive trust, encourage loyalty and boost bookings

We talk to Anil Salhan, owner of BLACC + BLOND about how you can go green and benefit your business as well as the planet!

With Neurodiversity Celebration Week in March, we explore the diverse ways people think, learn and process and how to support them in your business

It was Mental Health Awareness Week in May, and anxiety’s in the spotlight. Increasingly taking a toll on hair professionals, with challenging symptoms affecting daily life, it’s important to know what anxiety is, how it strikes and ways to help. The HUB guide’s got it covered

British hairdressing is facing irreparable damage and we need to act quickly, says Toby Dicker, co-founder of The Chapel and the Salon Employers’ Association. Do you agree?

Looking for ways to recruit fresh talent? Get advice from business owners on how they’re doing it

Bills are rising in 2023, but the HUB’s here with ways to economise (and relax, your clients won’t notice a thing) 

Four ways to make your team happy and more productive for proven business benefits

Learn more about the wonderful world of apprenticeships

Find out more about sustainability with seven easy steps to action in salon

Enter the digital future with expert guidance, new product innovation and inspired ideas

Watch Ricky Walters and Stuart Whitelaw deliberate out-of-the-box thinking 

Explore how you could upgrade your salon culture

How many of us have truly considered the salon experience with an eye on gender?

Find out how to make your salon business more environmentally friendly

Check out five ways for you to lead the wedding [business] party

Sophia Hilton reveals her business tips to success

Enjoy a free ten-minute meditation session with mental health app Clementine

Tips and resources to help aid prioritising mental wellbeing in business



Grab your headphones and tune into Salon Smart HUB’s podcast THE TALK – a series of probing conversations between industry pros, exploring and deliberating key business topics pertinent to the environments in which they operate


Effecting Change
Listen time – 40 minutes
Dylan and Charlotte Bradshaw

Employer, Employee Relationships
Listen time – 46 minutes
Joanne and Steve Dyer and James Holroyd

Beating the Odds
Listen time – 42 minutes
Gareth Bromell, Emma Diamond and Rochelle Jolley

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Salon Culture
Listen time – 46 minutes
Matthew Sutcliffe and Marc Trinder


With apprentice numbers in free fall, and the government in ‘radical rethink’ mode, we spoke to a range of young people, currently undertaking hairdressing apprenticeships, to find out about their route into industry, and their experience so far 

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