Six of the best, right? Straight after crowning six new hair stars of the future, and prior to revealing our 14 Most Wanted victors, MWIT18 made six minutes of hip hop history as beat boxer Mr Fox paid tribute to our newly named It Listers in his own inimitable style.

Best known for his street performances, the Italian-born Mr Fox used just his vocal chords to produce great beats, incredible percussion and specially penned shout-outs to The Rising Star Jordan Massarella, The Fashionista Mads-Sune Lund Christensen, Entrepreneur Phil Benton, The It Guy Paddy McDougall and The Visionary/The It Girl Grace Dalgleish. We absolutely LOVED the lyrics!

Jordan Massarella – he’s doing it, moving up – hashtag “fresh”, shining like a star; Mads-sune, Scandi-style, killing it backstage – put your hands in the air and forget about your age; Phil Benton, he’s everywhere, see him there – I’m calling up your name, Mr Freedom-fighter; Top boy Paddy – he’s on it, he owns it, and nobody can top it; Amazing Grace, she’s all that, twice a superstar – never looking back, you can see she’s going far

Mr Fox’s fantastic performance had the entire MWIT18 audience on its feet – and clamouring for more of his mouth-made music at the cocktail-fuelled after-party. Beat that!

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