“This is exactly what I most wanted!”

Before any new Most Wanted winners could be revealed at the 2020 Grand Final, there were a few Legends to crown first. It’s not easy being a Legend; it takes constant and consistent brilliance to wow our elite judges three times in a row and that’s exactly what each of our 2020 LEGENDS managed to do, with Sam McKnight (winner of the Hair Icon title three times) now achieving DOUBLE LEGEND status, the first person in 20 years of Most Wanted to achieve such a feat! Oh, and come the 2021 Grand Final, Zoë Irwin will be taking home her won Legend trophy having won her third Creative Talent title.

This was the 20th Most Wanted Grand Final, and things have changed somewhat since that first lunchtime booze up in Soho… but the mission of Most Wanted has remained steadfast – to shine a spotlight on the greatest talents operating in British and Irish hairdressing. The session artists who influence global trends; the salon owners building brilliant high street businesses, the image makers influencing the industry around them; and the everyday teams and individuals whose skills and compassion transform lives on a daily basis. Never before has hairdressing and barbering been so important to their clients, or so valued by our wider society.

Each winner has earned their moment in the spotlight – but what did they say in that moment that matters? Let’s take a look…

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