Stop. Look. Listen. 2018’s Most Wanted Share Entry Tips!

You may win first time round or it may take a few attempts (you’ll learn from each), but one thing’s for sure, when you lift a Most Wanted trophy, it’s because you’ve proven that among hundreds of incredible entrants, you truly stand out. Our 2018 champions did just that and here they share their top tips for acing that all important entry…

Take your time and prepare – don’t rush it! I rewrote my entry probably about 10 times and I think the more you rewrite something, the more you realise what’s important to you and what you really want to share. Start early enough that you can collate lots of information and things you worked on over the year to show the judges.

-Christel Lundqvist

It’s very hard writing about yourself. So, I think it’s important that you get friends/colleagues to go over your entry because sometimes I think you can sell yourself a little bit short. I find it embarrassing talking about myself, so I feel you need a team around you, that know what you do, to guide you and flag everything you’ve done.

-Jody Taylor

Really keep in mind that it doesn’t have to be overcomplicated or overworked.

-Kevin Kahan

Document everything. It’s very early but I’m already looking at my next year’s entry and maybe the year after, soon after the final. I’m documenting from my first references to every meeting, everything. What I realised I needed for an entry was a lot of stuff to prove the journey I’ve been on.

-Zoë Irwin

Put your heart across. Try not to get concerned with what you did and when you did it and the details because I feel when you read that it can get a little boring. You want to know the why – the what is never interesting but the why is super exciting.

-Sophia Hilton

I always think when putting your entries together, be completely genuine. Everything that’s in there is proper real. Always go with your gut – I work very impulsively if it’s right, it’s right, if it’s not, it’s not

-Ky Wilson



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