All Most Wanted entries are digital and will be reviewed by our judges on a tablet or laptop. Here’s how to enter!

1. Read the rules
You must read and understand the rules before entering Most Wanted.

2. Choose your category
There are 14 Most Wanted categories open for entry. Each category criteria states clearly who is eligible, and any exclusions, so please check carefully before you make your selection(s). If in doubt, please call us on +44 (0)20 7324 7540.

You may enter multiple categories. In the case of Hair Trend, you may enter up to three different images.

3. Submit an application form
Next, complete and submit an Application Form. This will generate a Most Wanted unique reference code, which is exclusive to you and to the category you are entering.

Your unique reference code will be sent to you via automated email, together with a link to the Entry Upload page. You will need this later, when uploading your actual entry. Please check your junk mail in case it goes in there!

You need to complete a separate Application Form for every category you enter. Note, in the case of Hair Trend, where you may enter up to three images, you still need to complete a separate Application Form for each image entered.

4. Prepare your entry
Each category has a bespoke set of criteria (i.e., content required) as well as guidance on page size/count, video format/duration, etc., which must be carefully followed when preparing your entry. Your entry may be disqualified if you do not adhere to the requirements.

Your entry MUST be saved and uploaded in the requested file formats (e.g., PDF, MP4), as stated on the relevant category criteria page. Please DO NOT embed videos within PDF files – the judges will not be able to watch video embeds. Note, each file MUST NOT exceed 150MB.

5. Label your files
You MUST label each file with your first and last names, plus the name of the category you are entering – for example: Jamie Smith-Creative Talent.pdf. If you are uploading more than one of the same file type, please add a number at the end – for example: Jamie Smith-Creative Talent-1.pdf.

6. Upload your entry
Once you are ready to upload your entry, refer to the email we sent you when you submitted your Application Form (see step 3) and follow the upload link provided, which will take you to the Entry Upload page. Here, you need to enter the information requested, including your unique reference code, then upload ALL your entry files. You must wait until ALL files have uploaded before clicking the ‘Submit entry’ button. Note, you CANNOT add or amend files once your entry has been submitted. 

Once you have submitted your entry, you will receive an automated confirmation email. If you do not receive this email, please call us on +44 (0)20 7324 7540. Please check your junk mail in case it goes in there!

Entries must be submitted no later than midnight on Monday 22 May 2023.

If you have any questions about the entry process, or are experiencing problems uploading your entry, please call Laura on +44 (0)20 7324 7540.