Hopefully, these common Most Wanted questions will help answer yours. If not, feel free to contact us

Who can enter Most Wanted?
Most Wanted is open to the owners and employees of salons, barber shops and other workspaces, as well as self-employed and freelance hair professionals, all working in the UK and Ireland. But you need to check the category you’re interested in, for specific entry requirements, as these vary. 

Are there any age limits or other entry restrictions?
Absolutely not – age is but a number!

Does it cost anything to enter?
Zero – only your time.

What is required for entry?
Every category has its own set of criteria, which sets out exactly what you need to provide for the judges, and the format in which you need to supply it. Click here for a full list of categories with links to criteria.

How do I submit my entry?
Via the Most Wanted Entry Upload page, which is accessible only following completion of a Most Wanted Application Form. For entry instructions click here.

What’s the competition closing date?
Entries must be submitted by midnight on Monday 22 May 2023. 

Can I enter more than one category?
Yes, you can enter as many categories as you wish, except for Hair Trend, which is limited to three entries per individual.

Can another person enter on my behalf?
No, this is not possible.

I work in the UK or Ireland, but I live abroad. Can I enter?
Yes, providing you can demonstrate a large portion of your work is carried out in the UK and/or Ireland.

Does the imagery included in my entry have to be created especially for Most Wanted?
No, so fill your boots! However, make sure you don’t include work that dates back further than the cut-off (if stipulated) – in most cases this discounts work/content that pre-dates 31 March 2022.

The work I want to feature in my entry has been published elsewhere, can I still include it?
Yes, there are no restrictions here.

Can I enter Session Stylist and Hair Icon?
Alas, no. Finalists in both these categories are determined by nominations from closed groups. In the case of Hair Icon, finalists are required to submit material for further assessment, by a fresh panel of judges, but they do so by invitation. 

I’ve submitted my Application Form/entry, but I haven’t received a confirmation email. What should I do?
Firstly, please check your junk mail in case it’s gone in there. If you still cannot locate it, please call us on +44 (0)20 7324 7540. 

Am I allowed to withdraw my entry after entering?
Afraid not, for several important reasons, which a member of the Most Wanted team would be happy to relay over the phone. Please call +44 (0)20 7324 7540.

I won’t be around for the Grand Final, what happens if I finalise?
That would be a great shame, however, we understand not everybody can make the date. In this case, we would invite you to nominate somebody to accept the award on your behalf, should your name be announced as the winner, on the night. This person may attend in your place.

I have finalised in more than one category – how many tickets will I receive?
If you finalise as an individual (e.g. Jamie Smith for Creative Talent), you will receive one complimentary ticket to the Grand Final even if you finalise in more than one category – this is because the individual person is the finalist. In circumstances where a duo has been allowed to enter and finalises, you will need to nominate one person to take the allocated ticket. If you finalise as a business (e.g. Jamie Smith Hairdressing for Best Salon Team), you will receive one complimentary ticket to the Grand Final per category. If you would like further clarity, please call +44 (0)20 7324 7540.