And, breathe…. Now what?

So, you’ve entered. That’s it! Done. Now, it’s over to the 2014 judging panels to uncover this year’s Most Wanted finalists.

Judging takes place this year at Concrete in Shoreditch on Monday 9 June, and we’ll be revealing right here our star shortlist the following day. So remember to log on to find out if you’re on it.

If you are, you’ll be invited to attend the Most Wanted Grand Final, taking place this year at a truly breathtaking London venue (all will be revealed here soooooon). With a brilliant host at the helm and a guest list packed with Brit hot hairdressing names and beautiful people from the worlds of fashion and media, it’s going to be awesome. But more on the Grand Final to come,  later….

To get you in the Most Wanted mood, and to take your mind off Judgment Day, why not click through our Most Wanted galleries or watch the #MW13 Grand Final mini movie.

Now, pat yourself on the back, pour yourself a cuppa and RELAX. You’ve earned it.

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