Top tips on making your Color Zoom entry the best it can be

Psst! We’ve rounded up previous years’ judges to find out what they look for when judging Color Zoom and what makes an entry stand out

For Jack Eames, it’s all about balance…

When judging a large number of photographic images, the ones that stand out for the right reasons and will get most of my marks are if they have a balance throughout, a well-rounded concept and a beauty that can be felt.
– Jack Eames, photographer
For Shaun Hall, it’s all about the colours…

When judging photographic entries, I always check whether the correct colours from the Color Zoom palette have been used. Also, lighting is crucial because if the image is too dark, it’s not possible to see the colours properly, which might result in a lower mark.
– Shaun Hall, award-winning stylist
For Natalie Cara Jones, it’s all about not copying the Color Zoom collection…

For me, it is important that the colour and shape both match the criteria. Although the entry should represent the collection, it should never be a copy so I always look for how the individual has improvised their own version of the theme. Even though the hair is very important, I also look for a model that is really striking and stands out compared to the others.
– Natalie Cara Jones, Global Zoom UK winner



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