At the end of the TIGI Inspirational Youth 2016 programme, the members were required to create a collection that showed all they’d learned over the past 12 months. It had to have the wow-factor; it had to be client-friendly; and it had to be beautiful. Oh boy did they succeed…

The current members of the TIGI Inspirational Youth are: Alice Stephens, Albion House; Archie Smith, Forresters; Ashley Wallis, Yazz; Britney Mills, Wow; Georgia Lutton, Fuss; Hannah Mole, Bad Apple; Hannah Stacey, Monet; Jade Fagan, Laundry; Josh Mascolo, TIGI; Kim Delahunty, Sugar Cubed; Louisa Murphy, Saints; Nicola Cunningham, Andrew Collinge; and Stella Bird, Chy Blew.


Hair: TIGI Inspirational Youth team
Photography: Alex Barron-Hough
Styling: Jiv D
Make-up: Amy Barrington & Asher Coleman
Mentors: Anthony Mascolo & the TIGI International Creative Team