The power of three


PeRA|357 is revolutionising the hair care sector with Triple Impact³ – a powerful treatment with three fabulous benefits

Good things come in threes and Triple Impact³ by PeRA|357 is no exception. Containing three oils, this treatment has a three-fold effect: it creates volume, adds shine and significantly reduces drying time – all things clients would pay handsomely for.

We thought Re-Kolour – PeRA|357’s super-duper hair colour remover – would be a tough act to follow, but the new British brand is making itself known with another product – an amazing multi-benefit treatment.

One of the reasons Triple Impact³ is so effective is that it’s applied before a client shampoos or conditions their hair. Left on for five minutes, the treatment is then rinsed out before washing and conditioning the hair as normal (although clients may find they need less shampoo – another big benefit as they’ll find their shampoo lasts longer).

“This product is gold dust”
-Marcus Allen, Urban Retreat

Available in three variations – for coloured, natural or white hair – the benefits of Triple Impact³ increases the more times a client uses it, so it is the perfect way to increase your retail revenue as it will soon develop a devoted following who will come back to your salon time and time again. It’s guaranteed as the treatment is for salon distribution only and won’t be sold through internet companies, so once clients know you stock Triple Impact³, they’ll be knocking down your door to get it.

Find out why the best things come in threes with Triple Impact³ by PeRA|357. To find out more, call 0330 380 0020, email info@pera357.com or visit pera357.com