The NIOXIN approach


As an extension of the facial skin, the scalp requires the same attention and care.

NIOXIN’s innovative skincare-inspired approach to thinning is designed to strengthen, nourish and treat hair from its foundation.

Scalp health creates hair health

NIOXIN has identified three causes of thinning and the ‘3D’ effects for thicker, fuller-looking hair:

Thinning hair – 3D effects for fuller-looking hair

Derma: unhealthy scalp environment. Treatment: removal of follicle-clogging sebum from the scalp

Density: fewer hair strands. Treatment: reduction of hair loss due to breakage

Diameter: finer hair strands. Treatment: amplification of hair texture

NIOXIN has a complete range of thinning-hair systems and specialised products aimed at addressing key hair and scalp needs.

Thinning hair needs tailored care and this all starts with the consultation. Getting the consultation right can mean the difference between a one-off client and a lifelong loyal one. Offering the Nioscope service is one way to achieve this as salons that have implemented the Nioscope consultation sell 40 per cent more NIOXIN and 80 per cent more salon services.

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