Sassoon Academy has a new home – and 58 Buckingham Gate delivers more than just a premium learning experience…

Sassoon education has entered a new era – literally. Now relocated to the stunning 58 Buckingham Gate in London SW1, the new Sassoon Academy redefines the world of hairdressing training with a vibrant and energetic purpose-built space that delivers exciting and innovative educational opportunities for all levels of skill and experience.

Ten dedicated classrooms, a 130-seater theatre, a student lounge and a waiting area for models make 58 Buckingham Gate the perfect environment for both practical and theory training, as well as a brilliant showcase for the legendary Sassoon creative presentations. Every detail – from the shampoo areas to the colour rendering lighting system and full AV and multiple translation facilities – has been considered with student needs in mind.

Sassoon purists will also love the new Academy’s clean lines and contemporary styling, designed by Jonathan Lovell at Association of Ideas. Porcelain flooring in white and dark brown, birch veneers in natural and black stained finishes and plenty of white glass and stainless steel make 58 Buckingham Gate a minimalist haven that will inspire your best work!

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