The MWIT16 Winners’ Dinner

When Creative HEAD hosted a dinner for the 2016 winners of its Most Wanted and It List awards last night, it sparked a sparkling evening of celebration, conversation and reminiscing about the magnificent Grand Final at London’s Guildhall (“I felt like I was at Hogwarts,” said Joe Causier of Malcolm Murphy, Leicester, winners of Best Salon Team).


After dinner, Creative HEAD editor Amanda Nottage led a wide-ranging debate on an assortment of industry issues, with the most emphatic comments centred around (a) the ongoing struggle to upgrade the reputation of hairdressing as a career and (b) why hairdressers are always the last people to get paid on shoots and at the shows.


Finally, when Matthew Sockalingum, winner of Award for Innovation, described the rationale behind his Blow-Dry Pass, he did so with such passion and conviction that the rest of the table burst into spontaneous applause. Truly, it was a night when the stars of British and Irish hairdressing came out to shine.


Look out for profiles of our winners in future issues of Creative HEAD, and watch them in action here when we launch next year’s competition.

See more pics from the night here.

Watch the 2016 Most Wanted and It List Grand Final video here.

Next year’s Creative HEAD’s Most Wanted and It List awards launch in March 2017.