The man behind AMERICAN CREW

AmericanCrewTakeover_DavidIn 1994, a stylist named David Raccuglia walked into a distributor’s office in Chicago holding a clear bottle filled with maple syrup. He proceeded to ask the distributor for $25,000 to produce the first run of American Crew shampoo. The distributor asked to try the product, but there was a problem: David hadn’t produced any actual product yet. The maple syrup was intended to simulate the masculine, amber colour he envisioned for the final bottle. He explained that the important thing was the movement underway in men’s grooming. He foresaw a future when men would pay as much attention to their looks as women, but not lose their masculinity in the process.

Today American Crew is one of the most popular men’s salon grooming brands in the world. Here, the founder of American Crew gives us an insight into the continually forward-thinking brand.

On why you should choose American Crew…

“American Crew is not just the authority on men’s grooming products, but also the expert on how to market to men, and the perfect partner for any salon seeking to grow its men’s business.”

On why it’s not just about the hair…

“You know what makes your salon tick, what makes your clients happy and what inspires you to create amazing hair. What you should also know is that creating an atmosphere that makes men comfortable in your salon can take your profits to a whole new level.” 

On what sets American Crew products apart…

“We provide a line that speaks to men like no other. Combining products and education that a solely focused on men, we give you the tools to drive your men’s business further.”

David invites your to join American Crew on a journey of exploration, individual expression and continuous learning.