The first L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final 2017 show team is…

With less than one month to go until the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final, anticipation is building to a frenzy, and we’re super-excited to be able to unveil the first of the amazing show teams presenting on 5th June 2017 at London’s Battersea Evolution:

The #COLORFULHAIR collective!

Comprised of six leading female colourists from the UK’s top salons – Siobhan Jones of Headmasters, Skyler McDonald from Skyler London, MJ Farmer of Rush, Sarah Clarke-Lees from SAKS, Grace Dalgleish of Brooks & Brooks, and Andria Kaisharis from Fowler35 – the mega-talented team will be bringing L’Oréal Professionnel’s new #COLORFULHAIR direct dye range to life on stage.

In 2017, hair colour is the new makeup. More than ever before, colourists are like make-up artists, showcasing professional techniques, cutting edge formulas and a vast colour palette. The six creatives will immerse the audience in the vibrant versatility of the #COLORFULHAIR range, creating covetable looks and spectacular, show-stopping shades that will end the night on a dizzying high.

“I’m thrilled to be part of the team for the Colour Trophy Final,” said Sarah. “Working alongside super-talented females from our industry is a massive buzz. Our plans are exciting and being able to put the amazing new colour range on stage in the show is the best feeling. I hope those attending feel as inspired by these colours as I am, and will be empowered to translate the show into their salon and session work.”

Grace, herself a finalist in the 2017 Women’s Award category, added: “2017 is the year of colour and I couldn’t be more excited to be part of the ‘Colorful hair team’ closing the L’Oréal colour trophy show. To be working alongside such talented colourists is going to be an unforgettable night! ‘Colorful hair’ has changed the way we think as colourists – it’s pushed us creatively and opened doors to so many amazing palettes and results. This product is a game changer and I feel the industry just got a whole lot more exciting!”

“It has been an extremely creative journey developing some brand new techniques,” said RUSH’s MJ, who will be presenting her Geometrics collection for the first time as part of the #COLORFULHAIR segment. “It will be amazing to present live on stage.”

Tickets to this year’s L’Oréal Colour Trophy Grand Final cost £200 and are on sale NOW at! Join us, the finalists and all the show teams for a night to remember on Monday 5th June at Battersea Evolution, London. If you can’t make it, follow all the action on the night via @lorealprouk across Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as on the hashtag #LCT17.