Talk the talk – how to recommend, not sell

The Salon Smart workshops also saw the salon business consultants from Salon Success reveal why comminucation and recommendations are key when it comes to selling retail.

How many times have you heard your team say ‘but I’m not a salesperson’ or ‘I don’t like selling’? We need to remove the fear of selling by educating our teams about what our clients actually want – it’s time to act on fact!

  • 81% of salon clients say they trust their hairdressers advice
  • 95% of women say they would welcome more haircare advice from their stylist
  • 71% of clients would welcome a more in-depth consultation
  • 64% of salon clients want to try a new product.

Source: Mintel and Creative HEAD

The simple answer is, stylists don’t need to sell, they need to recommend. Clients are crying out for more advice from you – the professional!

Top tips for product recommendation

  • During the consultation listen to what your client is really saying
  • NEVER disrespect the client’s choice of current product – instead, recommend the perfect solution for their personal hair challenges
  • Ask open-ended questions – ones that require an answer, not a simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’.

Use the ‘Five Rights’ when recommending products to your clients:

  • The right product
  • The right amount
  • The right place
  • The right way
  • The right price.

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