‘Canvas’ by Jordan Massarella

A Hockney-inspired palette on hair

‘Humanz’ by Luigi Martini

Feminine strength in post-industrial surroundings

‘AW17’ by Headmasters

A redhead with bed head… and more

‘RAW (Short)’ by Servilles, New Zealand

Frank Apostolopoulos helps Servilles find the beauty in punk

‘Dusk til Dawn’ by Julia Beckers

Soft femininity meets monochrome drama

‘FEM’ by Barrie Stephen Hair

Sharp lines and compact curls convey feminine power

Creating shape

Complimenting, securing and photographing

‘Chasing Rainbows’ by House of Colour

Dreamy sugar-coated pastel flashes

‘The thread that binds us’ by Jason Miller

A fresh interpretation of weaves, with threads of pastel and copper

‘Reality Bites’ by the TIGI Inspirational Youth 2017 Team

Creative, commercial, awe-inducing and authentic

‘Shake it Off’ by Sam Burnett

Experimental techniques, wearable texture and adaptable partings

‘Dichotomy’ by Rokk Man Barbers

It’s a trend-off: short and sharp vs long and tousled

‘Observation’ by Pascal Lombardo

Street-sourced models, styles shaped by their presence.

‘Canvas’ by Tom Connell

To achieve a great finish, your canvas must be of the highest standard

‘The Seen’ by Haus Salon

Unisex hairstyles that don’t compromise beauty or self expression

‘Lost and Found’ by Bert de Zeeuw

Fashion, colour and the freedom of the streets