Q&A with PeRA|357’s head of education

mainwebAs head of education for PeRA|357, Corinne D’Souza has had a direct involvement in the development of Re-Kolour. Corinne grew her core knowledge and educational skills early on in her career while working at a major manufacturer in the hair industry. During this time she helped develop internationally renowned colour and product courses, along with training countless hairdressers in technical services.

Now she is able to draw on her accumulated industry wealth to connect science and hairdressing, and help develop hair products that are kinder and more effective. Here, we find out how this ethos was applied to PeRA|357’s first product launch, Re-Kolour.

Creative HEAD: How did Re-Kolour come about?
Corinne D’Souza: It was a close collaboration between some very smart scientists and very experienced colourists, so it was very much a team effort.

CH: What makes Re-Kolour different to other colour removers currently on the market?
CD: The key differences are that Re-Kolour only works on artificial pigment in the hair and not the natural pigment. This is much easier for hair stylists who are carrying out a colour remover service as they do not need to fear what is happening at the roots if the product merges up. Re-Kolour is also different as the artificial pigment is actually removed from the hair by making it water soluble, unlike traditional colour removers – so, you literally see the colour washing down the sink. The  biggest benefit is the client is not left with raw undercoats that need correction. Clients and hairdressers are thrilled with the wearable end results.

CH: How are you training salons in how to use Re-Kolour?
CD: We have plenty of material to support salons, from a step by step guide provided with each kit to a ‘how to’ poster and a short video on YouTube.

CH: How easy is it to use Re-Kolour in the salon?
CD: Re-Kolour is a very simple system to use.  Once a full consultation, including previous service history and condition of the hair is collected, the stylist is able to work out the application needs and development times for their client. Then they simply follow the mixing instructions and apply Re-Kolour, making allowances on development time based on the consultation findings. Remember, if there are old underlying services, such as bleach or straightening treatments, in the hair the development times on these areas of the hair are reduced. If in doubt, keep an eye on it and carry out an elasticity test every 10 minutes to check the condition.

CH: What has been the feedback from salons using Re-Kolour so far?
CD: We have had some great reactions from salons so far who tell us they are getting amazing results. Lots of salons are thrilled to not have to colour the hair lengths after Re-Kolour as it produces such wearable results. Some of the feedback has included things like: ‘I cannot afford to be out of stock of this product!’.