Put your clients ‘back in the picture’ with NIOXIN

As hairdressers, you know how deeply affected someone can be if they have thinning hair. Often their confidence is shattered and they become self-conscious about their appearance.

The result of this is that they’ll become camera shy, preferring to be behind the camera, instead of in front of it and missing out on special memories. NIOXIN wants to bring these women ‘Back in the picture’.

As part of NIOXIN’s mission to give women with thinning hair their confidence back, the brand’s ‘Back in the picture’ campaign is all about celebrating how beautiful these women are and making them part of memorable moments once again.

The core of the campaign is four YouTube videos and an interactive site, backinthepicture.com, where clients can upload their own photos. Each video tells a very emotional, real and authentic story about a woman concerned with thinning hair and their loved ones experiencing their suffering.

Through its research, NIOXIN has found that for women, having beautiful hair is a way to express their femininity and their confidence. But when suffering from thinning hair, they often feel they lose their self-esteem. They keep this a secret as it is something they want to hide, leading them to avoid appearing in photos.
NIOXIN’s mission is to give women with thinning hair their confidence back and bring them back in the picture, helping them to lead a #FULLERHAIRFULLERLIFE.

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