Our step-by-step guide to using Re-Kolour

Consultation:  Examine and estimate the length/age of the hair.  (1cm = approx. 1 month). Collect a detailed history of previous services and assess the condition of the hair.  Work out the application order and development times needed for the varying history/condition.

STEP 1: product preparation
Wearing gloves, squeeze the entire content of the Re-Kolour tube PART A into the Activator Bottle, PART B. With the cap securely tightened, shake the Applicator Bottle PART B thoroughly to mix the product. Place the Applicator Bottle PART B into a bowl of hot water, ensuring the water reaches at least half way up the bottle. Leave in the water for one minute to heat the product and aid its mixing. Carefully, give a final shake.
STEP 2: application
Starting the application at the darkest area, apply the product to dry, unwashed hair, ensuring full coverage of the area to be treated. If there are any underlying highlights or lightening services on the hair in any areas, these should be left until the very end of the application process and the development time for bleach hair noted. Cover the hair with the plastic cap provided to lock in the moisture and aid the product lift. NOTE: It is important to make sure no hair is left uncovered and that the hair is kept moist throughout the process. Should the hair start to dry out in any areas, simply spray lightly with water.
STEP 3: development
Place under a rollerball/climazon or heat source on the colour setting. The amount of colour to be removed will determine how long Re-Kolour can be left on the hair. The maximum time is up to 60 minutes, but the hair must be checked regularly throughout the process.

As a guide, Pera|357 recommends the following development times, (but the hair must be checked throughout the process) when removing colour from: Base 7 and above: UP TO 30 MINS. Base 6 and below: UP TO 60 MINS. Strong red and copper tones may require: UP TO 60 MINS. Bleached hair that is toned or coloured over: UP TO 20 MINS.

If the hair has colour with highlights then you must use the development times for both the colour removal and the highlighted areas. You will not be able to use one development time for the entire removal process in this situation. Simply apply to the darker areas and begin the development time, then apply to the bleached highlighted areas for no longer than 10 to 20 minutes.

(Once the colour looks one shade lighter than the desired result it is ready to wash off.)

N.B. The development time will be reduced by at least half when working on permed, relaxed or straightened hair. This includes hair that has been treated using keratin straightening treatments that contain chemicals.

STEP 4: neutralising
Thoroughly rinse the hair for five minutes until all the product has been removed. Apply two-thirds of the Neutralising Lotion PART C to the hair, ensuring complete coverage. Leave for five minutes. Rinse thoroughly for a further five minutes, again ensuring all the product is removed from the hair. Apply the remaining third of the Neutralising Lotion PART C and leave on for another five minutes. Completely rinse the hair, again ensuring all the product has been removed. The hair is now ready to shampoo or another colour service.