NOISE London delivers food for thought

Richard Ashforth’s guerrilla hairdressing event NOISE always brings the boldest and bravest hairdressing experiments into the spotlight, and its latest London stop-off was no exception.

On Saturday, October 14, crowds gathered at the city’s Hackney House for an impromptu exploration of creativity and hair’s place in society. Teams from Taiwan (Eros), USA (LA’s Pop Academy), Russia (Hairfucker), France (Saco Paris) and Great Britain (Saco London, Tim Hartley and Jay Mahmood), took it in turns to unleash their vision on stage, with studded masks, stencilling, and sardines (!) all making an appearance.

Following looks inspired by the Bright Young Things of the 1920s (Hartley), multi-layered style shedding (Saco) and gender manipulating cuts (Pop Academy), it was the meat, fish and two veg approach of Hairfucker that truly stunned the audience.

Presenting a future where humans had evolved to lead a hairless existence, the Russian renegades reimagined food as a precious commodity to be worn rather than consumed, and crafted wigs out of steaks, broccoli, leeks and raw fish.

Check out all the eye-popping highlights from the night in the video below…