New services: the add-ons that make a big difference

It’s not always easy to upsell a client, especially when that client is male, but Aveda’s new services targeted specifically at men will not only make it easy to entice them into trying something new, but will generate extra revenue for your salon and increase client loyalty as a happy client is a returning one…

Grey blending for men

The male grooming market shows no sign of slowing down, with more men getting their facial hair trimmed, their eyebrows plucked and their hair cut and styled, so why not colour?

Aveda has introduced a Men’s Grey Blending service, appealing to the two things men want most when it comes to grooming: for their hair to still look natural and no further impact on their time.

“Offering a service that has virtually no effect on how long their regular service will take, along with the discreet way this colour service is added on at the backwash is perfect for male clients,” says Stel Nicolaou, master barber at the Aveda Institute.

The Aveda Men 5-Minute Natural Grey Blending is a professional service you can offer in-salon that quickly and discreetly blends away grey, delivering natural-looking, low commitment results that last up to four weeks.

With a formula that’s 95 per cent naturally derived and is infused with a plant oil blend including certified organic sunflower, castor and jojoba to help keep hair looking healthy, the service is an easy add-on for guys who pop in for their monthly haircut appointment.

The 5-Minute Natural Grey Blending includes five pre-blended shades, ranging from light natural to dark ash, and are suitable for every shade of grey.

In-Salon Scalp Facial

This £15 add-on to an Aveda Men hair service will re-energise your client like nothing else. Beautiful hair begins at the scalp and so effective and deep cleansing can help skin cell turnover and encourage a clean, healthy scalp, which in turn will help reward clients with healthy hair.

Begin your client’s service with an in-depth consultation before carrying out an Aveda Aroma Sensory Journey and hot towel ritual before an invigorating dry brush massage on dry hair using the new Aveda Pramãsana Exfoliating Scalp Brush. Next, deeply cleanse your client’s scalp with Aveda Pramãsana Purifying Scalp Cleanser, followed by Aveda Pramãsana Nourishing Scalp Massage to nourish and soothe the scalp. Finish with Aveda Pramãsana Protective Scalp Concentrate before cutting the hair and styling.