Meet the King of Colour – Denis De Souza

The man behind that ‘Ipanema Beach Blonde’ colouring technique is now JOICO celebrity colourist, with a salon of his own in West Hollywood.

Originally from Sao Paulo, Brazil, Denis de Souza developed a passion for hair colour and an eye for style at a  young age. After some initial work experience in the fashion industry as a model, he decided to devote himself to colouring, starting out in one of the most prestigious salons in Los Angeles, the John Frieda salon, where he trained with world-renowned colourist Jonathan Gale.

Denis quickly attracted a celebrity clientele with his signature ultra-natural ‘Ipanema Beach Blonde’ colouring technique, which he created himself. The technique results in the natural, gorgeous bleaching effects obtained after sun exposure. “It’s a technique that makes beautiful dark blondes or brunettes have a lighter hair colour without changing the natural colour or making it appear brassy. Essentially, it’s highlights, but I lighten the ends a little bit more, making them brighter and very exotic – think Gisele Bundchen after a week-long holiday at the beach.”

He adds: “I’m not a fan of all these fashion colours that are around at the moment. I like a woman’s hair colour to look as natural as possible, especially blondes.

“My clients come to me because they know I can give them the most natural-looking blonde around. I don’t colour hair with the intention of clients coming back to me every six weeks or so for touch ups, I want it to look natural and beautiful, and for it to grow out naturally. Even if my clients only come once every six months, they’re loyal and I know they will always come to me because I give them the best blonde results.”

Denis is co-owner of Mare Salon in West Hollywood, California, with a celebrity following that includes Brie Larson, Kristen Wiig and Nicole Richie.

He spends his time between the salon and travelling the world for JOICO.

“I’m on fire, career-wise! Between having super-busy days with clients as a hair colourist, helping to manage our new baby, Mare salon and travelling all over the world with JOICO promoting Blonde Life or working in shoots for the brand, my time just flies,” says Denis. “But when you’re passionate about what you do I see this crazy time as a blessing and feel honoured to be in such a position.”