Meet StyleSign

New design, improved product innovations and upgraded technology – StyleSign by Goldwell makes achieving any style a reality.

StyleSign by Goldwell is the outcome of three years of idea sharing, working and co-creating with thousands of stylists worldwide.

StyleSign’s five segments – Ultra Volume, Just Smooth, Curly Twist, Creative Texture and Perfect Hold – cater for every styling need with improved formulas based on state-of-the-art research from 2,000 scientists – and they look rather good, too. The aim of the range is to provide professional support to stylists around the globe, allowing them to express their creativity and craftsmanship by creating great looks that bring to life the individual style of every client.

The technology

Each product contains innovative flexPROtec complex, which consists of two parts: first, product-specific styling polymers and bamboo proteins help to create any look and keep the style natural and flexible; second, a unique elastomer and UV filter helps protect the hair from premature colour fade and the damaging effects of heat styling and UV light so the hair is left feeling smooth and shiny.