Maximise your salon for selling

Discover the eight key touch points referred to as the ‘salon economies’ by Salon Success that can help you to generate revenue for your business and create a great experience for your client


  • This is your ‘free’ 24-hour advertising space
  • Who is responsible for your salon windows? How often are they refreshed?
  • What do your windows say about your business?
  • Clients on the street have three seconds to make a decision about your business
  • Take inspiration from the high street giants

The reservation desk

  • Create impulse buys by placing promotional items here
  • Showcase new and seasonal products
  • Use tent or show cards for quick reference information
  • Encourage your reservations team to run your social channels if you don’t have a marketing or PR team

The stylist station

  • Use the space between the stylist stations to display promotional items
  • Recommend products and services available in the salon as this is information your client is craving
  • Use mirror clings to share product information or the date in six to eight weeks’ time that your client should be thinking about rebooking
  • Display the products that you are using on your client – put them in front of them so they can look, touch and smell the product

In-salon display

  • Keep it simple or dare to go bold and ignite interest
  • Display current images/posters connected to your manufacturer’s national advertising campaigns
  • Use props to bring your displays to life
  • Connect a product to the product in the poster

The colour bar

  • Be proud of your professionalism, celebrate hair colour and add theatre to the client experience. This shows your clients that their hair colour is bespoke and not out of a box
  • Showcase your demis, semis and permanent colour to help promote colour services to clients and spark a conversation
  • Cross-merchandise and upgrade with the recommended take home products for a full salon experience

The wash house

  • Time and again this proves to be the most popular part of the client’s visit, so turn it into an amazing experience
  • Set treatment goals with your stylists to increase client loyalty and service bill
  • Share the products you are using on your clients and why

The tool bar

  • This should be a play station for clients to try out tools before they buy
  • Offer clients a free styling lesson when they purchase a styling tool from you
  • Cross-promote products with thermal protection and for finishing

Take home

  • Recommend solutions to clients’ hair challenges
  • Remember the Five Rights – help clients to recreate their hairstyle at home
  • Ensure you have clean, well merchandised and fully stocked shelves
  • Use shelf talkers or wobblers from your manufacturer to draw attention to new products and promotions
  • Clients scan shelves in a ‘z’ motion – the sweet spot is right in the middle

The Salon Success Pro site has free marketing materials, web tools, social media guides and tool kit plus brand imagery and videos available for its salon partners to access and download