Mark Leeson reveals his tips and tricks to keeping clients happy this summer

Award-winning hairdresser and Goldwell global creative ambassador, Mark Leeson, knows a thing or two about how to keep clients happy. He makes his clients feel fabulous on a daily basis, which is why we hunted him down to find out what his key pieces of advice are to keep clients smiling this summer…


Key concern: ageing hair that loses volume

Mark’s advice: “As people mature, the hair loses its elasticity and becomes more brittle. Contrary to popular belief, hair doesn’t actually become coarse as a person ages; it usually gets finer and thinner. Unfortunately ageing hair is inevitable, but using volumising products can help reduce the appearance of fine, lifeless hair. The Kerasilk Repower Volume Dry Shampoo is perfect for giving hair an added volume boost without the use of a hair dryer or water and results are almost instant.

Hero product: Kerasilk Repower Volume Dry Shampoo


Key concern: maintaining and reviving hair colour in the summer

Mark’s advice: ‘‘We are ultra-aware of the importance of protecting our skin from the sun, but hair protection often gets overlooked, especially in the summer. For those with coloured hair, there is a new hero product on the market that is a must-have to keep hair colour vibrant. The Kerasilk Color Cleansing Conditioner actively fights against colour fade and prolongs colour vibrancy, while gently conditioning the hair, too. It applies the same science of skincare to the hair by cleansing with moisturising elements to ensure long-lasting colour freshness. The keratin, silk and tamanu oil ingredients protect the hair surface, while keeping colour locked in – ideal for those dry summer conditions.”

Hero product: Kerasilk Color Cleansing Conditioner