Make men want you


If you’re having trouble capturing men’s attention don’t wait another second, turn to the King and American Crew

We’ve often wondered what women want, but what about men? They want power, adventure and to look good doing it. This is where you come in. Now is the perfect time to become the expert men are looking for to help them look good with American Crew and the iconic Elvis Presley.

“Elvis is one of the most influential style icons of our time,” says Johnny BaBa, owner of BarberBarber. When Johnny heard about American Crew’s Elvis campaign, he knew he had to be a part of it. “We’ve got an Elvis display in-salon and it’s such an easy sell,” he says. “People buy into an image and a lifestyle, and they all want a bit of Elvis to take home. We don’t even have to push it. That’s the beauty of it.”


Dan Rix, director of The Company of Master Barbers (pictured above), agrees: “Elvis is one of the greats, so we decided to invest heavily into the campaign by creating an eye-catching window display featuring Elvis mementos and even a replica of his motorbike.”

Dan predicts his in-salon Elvis display will substantially increase the salon’s retail revenue. He says: “Along with the displays around the shop, we play songs by Elvis, so if the customer has missed the main display, then we will at least get our message into their heads subliminally during their grooming experience. And from there the seed is planted and the upselling in the salon can begin.”

Creating such an eye-catching display is hard work, but Dan found the process was a little bit easier with the support he received from American Crew.

“The brand’s attention to detail on this campaign has been remarkable and it has backed us in all of our efforts. American Crew has even gone as far as couriering over items for our display,” he adds.

With American Crew, you’ve got the King of Men’s Grooming to entice men into your salon, and the high-quality products to back it all up – it’s a win-win.

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Top tips from Matt Robinson of Mr Robinson’s Barber Shop

  1. Choose a men’s brand that clients can connect with; something relatable and recognisable to the man on the street.
  1. Men want a place to hang out. Our waiting area is like a living room with sofas, a coffee machine and a big screen TV.
  1. Have an ethos men can relate to. Ours is love and acceptance.
  1. It’s important to incentivise your team to sell products, but don’t be too target driven.
  1. Choose a brand that can help your business. We chose American Crew because of the security and support the brand gives us.

Give men what they want; give them American Crew.
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email customerservice.uk@revlon.com or visit americancrew.com