Just 3 steps = Infinite styles

Style Equation is the START, STYLE, FINISH three-step regime created by KMS to ensure the styles you create are the very best they can be. Every product features the innovative TRIfinity Technology, which was developed to complement START. STYLE. FINISH. in every style you create.

All KMS products are multi-compatible and work best when used as a Style Equation…


What? AHA Structure Complex

Why? So style products can adhere evenly (primes for optimal style creation).

How? START products improve the internal structure of hair and reduce the negative charge on the hairʼs surface.


What? Innovative Shaping Blends

Why? So you have a styling product for all needs, allowing for maximum creativity.

How? STYLE products are individually formulated, so each formula is unique to the style you want to achieve.


What? Flexible Sealing Compounds

Why? So you can prolong the effect of styling products, resulting in a durable and natural-looking style.

How? FINISH products provide up to three-day hold and humidity protection.