Ditch your old tools and join the revolution!

Tired of hair tools that don’t deliver? Cloud Nine wants you to swap your existing tools for a real styling weapon and join the revolution.

The brand is so confident in its styling tools and the results they deliver that it’s carrying out a creative coup and calling for a change in styling. It’s time for a hair tool revolution.

Once you experience Cloud Nine’s innovative temperature control, feel how the mineral-coated plates glide through the hair and see how the brand’s tools lock in moisture and smooths the cuticles, you won’t go back. Not ever. Why? Because Cloud Nine never accepts second best, it cares about your clients’ hair and aims to create a kinder, more effortless styling experience – it’s that simple.

Take market-leading iron The Touch for example. Clients love that they can achieve effortless style thanks to the mineral-infused plates, while choosing the heat that’s best suited for their hair. This buttonless iron is ready to use in seconds thanks to its revolutionary instant heat technology.

These fans have joined the revolution – stock Cloud Nine and yours will soon follow!

“The first time I used The Touch I was amazed by how effectively it straightened my hair. The plates glide through the hair smoothly, resulting in beautifully conditioned and polished hair”
Miss Makeup Magpie, blogger
“Apple, if you ever get into the beauty industry, ask these guys for tips”

Coming to your salon soon!
Cloud Nine has launched a nationwide tour to offer you the chance to swap your existing tired tools with a real styling weapon. Follow its social media channels to find out more and when it will be in your town: @CloudNineC9