“The truly contemporary are those who neither perfectly coincide with their time nor adapt to its demands”
– Giorgio Agamben

As fashion embraces the art of non-conformist dressing up, note the uniquely diverse and innovative approach behind the Jejeune Collection by Sassoon Academy.


Like clothing, hair reflects the life of its owner. Time leaves its traces and there is a sense of authenticity in wear and tear. ‘Lived-in’ looks are created through technique, using classic layering and disconnection for an ‘undone’ editorial feel. Mohair textures give a distressed feel to loose, one-length hair, with hidden areas cut into the shape. Organic sectioning acts with the natural growth patterns of the hair.


The craftsmanship of colour is celebrated through the use of an intricate technique of weaving. Fine and wide strands are mixed to create subtle tonal changes of colour in a palette of lavender and dusky violet, blush pink, cool blonde and soft, coppery gold. Colour enhances the texture of curly hair with back-to-back slicing working diagonally across the head.

HAIR: The Sassoon International Creative Team led by Mark Hayes
MAKE-UP: Daniel Koleric
STYLING: Lucie Perrier
PHOTOGRAPHY: Benjamin Vnuk

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