How to make Millennials fall for your salon

Clueless when it comes to grabbing the attention of Millennials? Wella Professionals can make your salon more appealing to this generation using the one tool they can’t ignore: social media

The generation aged 18 to 34 are the Millennials. They are united by an increased use, and familiarity with, communications, media and digital technologies. Never before has a generation been so connected, so aware of the world around them and so informed.

Wella Professionals’ newest social media campaign #stylistsdoitbetter is aimed directly at this group. It appeals to the Millennials’ love of selfies while enabling the stylist or colourist to shout out about what they do. Maybe you’ve created a colour on a client you’re super-proud of or a great up-do that needs shouting about – this campaign gives you the perfect platform to show off your skills. All you have to do is take a picture of yourself with your client and their finished look and post it on Instagram using the hashtag #stylistsdoitbetter and make sure your client gets involved too!

That’s social media taken care of, but what about actually getting those clients through your salon door? First, you have to understand them before you can attract them. They’re comfortable being the DIY generation, meaning they’re more likely to colour hair at home – it costs less. They also have a fear of commitment and won’t come in for colour treatments.

The good news is that they have become increasingly interested in trying colour, especially when the service requires less commitment such as balayage, so suggest quick, low commitment colour techniques such as Color Touch or Color Fresh by Wella Professionals.

Their most desired look is long, thick hair with natural-looking colour (thank all those beautifully posed Instagram profiles for that). Natural is also important to them when it comes to the products they put on their hair and skin.

This savvy generation won’t part with their money easily, so offer them the full salon experience as they will splash their cash on experience they can see has clear value. Make their time in the salon a chance for them to get pampered rather than just a cut that they have to have by offering blow-drys, head massages, refreshments and a variety of magazines, in a relaxing environment with good music. You can also make them feel valued by offering add-on services or top-ups – choose something that doesn’t cost you anything, but will prompt a return visit.

A 10 per cent discount on their next colour or a free glossing service after four weeks to keep their colour topped up means you will not only get them back within a month, they will be more likely to book in for another cut, colour or blow-dry at the same time as everyone loves to feel they’re getting something for nothing! When it comes to treatments and services, suggest those that are designed to encourage hair growth or will add volume and shine – ones that will help them achieve exactly what they want.

For those who have previously coloured at home, be the colour expert that you are and show them how they can change their look to be more personalised. If it’s natural-looking colour they desire, use ILLUMINA COLOR by Wella Professionals for that sheer, luminous finish. This particularly appeals to the at-home colourist who uses colour to express their personality. And for Millennials not comfortable with colour, provide an in-depth consultation every time they come to your salon – an incredible 70 per cent of people who have an in-depth consultation go on to book a colour service.
With hair placing last after skincare and make-up when it comes to Millennials’ beauty regimes, it’s clear salons need to up their game to attract this demographic’s attention.

Getting involved in Wella Professionals’ #stylistsdoitbetter campaign and following the brand’s advice is a great start.


So make sure your salon can offer what Millennials want, contact your Wella account manager,
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