How to… create brilliant bridal hair

The trend for more relaxed, undone styles shows no sign of abating – and it’s now filtering down into weddings with brides eschewing intricate updos for more laidback locks. Here, Cloud Nine provides the perfect relaxed yet glam bridal look your clients will want to say ‘I do’ to.

Step 1

​Take clean blow-dried hair, brush through and split into a neat side parting.







Step 2

Smooth the smaller side of the parting with a comb and secure hair with an elastic at the nape of the neck under the opposite side (so under the larger side section of hair).


Step 3

Hold the Cloud Nine straighteners vertically and curl the ponytail tightly. Ensure all hair is curled in the same direction.

Step 4

Once curled, roll the hair up with your fingers and secure with a kirby grip. This gives a longer lasting style. Continue this process until the whole head is pin curled, ensuring curls all face the same direction.


Step 5

Once all the curls are cool, remove pins slowly starting with the ponytail and working up.

 Step 6

Smooth out hair gently after each layer using a soft brush and polish the hair with the Cloud Nine Waving Wand to finish.

The final look is relaxed, yet glamorous!