How to… create a gorgeous beach mane

Come summer, there’s nothing more lusted-after by clients than natural, beach waves. Show them how to get the look with the below step by step, courtesy of Cloud Nine. You will need: The Cloud Nine Original Wand, section clips, pins, Cloud Nine Dressing Brush and Styling Spray.

Step one: prep dry hair by sectioning the top of the head from temple to temple. Split the bottom section down the back of the head and clip away.
Step two: start on one side and work your way around the head. Take large vertical sections from the top. Wrap hair once around The Original Wand barrel for 10 seconds. Release the section and let it cool
Step three: clip the curls up while they are warm to hold the style.
Step four: once the back and sides are set, drop the top section down and repeat this technique. Once all the hair is set you should have approximately 12 to 14 curls pinned up.
Step five: once all the hair is cool, release the pins and spray hair with a light hold spray. Use a bristle brush to merge the waves together and help define textures.
The final look!