Help clients achieve a head-turning blow-dry at home

Show your clients that they can achieve a salon-worthy blow-dry at home and they’ll love you forever – all they need is a little help from Tangle Teezer

Everyone loves a salon blow-dry so give your clients the tools to blow-dry their hair at home and they will be a client for life. With Tangle Teezer’s Blow-Styling hairbrushes, your clients will be able to ditch the straighteners and get healthier-looking hair, leaving them with salon style results.

As masters of the blow-dry, you know a good hairbrush is key, which is why Tangle Teezer has introduced two tools that will guarantee a quick and easy blow-dry. The blow-drying tools take the hair from wet to dry, creating either naturally smooth or voluminous styles. The tools’ ground-breaking technology (it’s all in the teeth) helps create a quick and gently blow-dry, which doesn’t pull or tug on the hair.

B L O W – S T Y L I N G  R O U N D  T O O L

  • Achieves natural bounce, volume, all-over smoothness and shine.
  • The innovative teeth pick up hair at the root for great lift.
  • The Round Tool comes in two sizes: the large size for medium to long length hair and the small size for short to medium hair lengths.

B L O W – S T Y L I N G  S M O O T H I N G  T O O L

  • The innovative teeth remove frizz and leave hair with naturally smooth volume.
  • The contoured edges guarantee an optimal return on the hair.
  • The Smoothing Tool comes in two sizes: the full size for medium to long length hair and a half.

Take home tip! Tell clients to use their hairdryers on a lower heat so that there’s less damage to the hair and to not have the hairdryer right on the teeth of their chosen hairbrush, but about an inch or so away from them.

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