Big, blow-out hair requires this styling tool…

Achieve bigger and better blow-dries effortlessly with the Tangle Teezer Blow-Styling Round Tool – Step 2

For clients that want a little bit more va-va-volume in their blow-dry, they need Tangle Teezer’s Blow-Styling Round Tool. This tool takes the hair from wet to dry, creating a voluminous style. The ground-breaking teeth technology in the tool helps create a quick, gentle and healthier blow-dry, which doesn’t pull or tug on the hair.

Features include:
  • Achieves natural bounce, volume, all-over smoothness and shine.
  • The innovative teeth pick up hair at the root for great lift.
  • The Blow-Styling Round Tool comes in two sizes – the large size is for long to medium-length hair and the small size is for short to medium hair lengths.
  • The Small Blow-Styling Round Tool is suitable for male clients.

How the teeth work
  • The fixed base teeth deliver free-flow tension without pulling, tugging or stretching, which is kinder to your hair, while helping to prevent thinning.
  • The teeth configuration on the Small Blow-Styling Round Tool is tighter. This provides more tension, creating a tighter curl without the pulling and tugging.


  • The bottle-shaped teeth are positioned in an overlapping configuration, allowing the teeth to extract surface water from the hair. This provides a quicker blow-dry as the hair passes through the teeth.
  • The rounded tips create a reliable and precise pick-up at the root of the hair. This enhances smoothing of the hairline, waves and kinks.

To find out more, visit tangleteezer.com/all-brushes/blow-styling, email sales@tangleteezer.com or call 02077 384 458