Find out why science is at the heart of everything PeRA|357 does

Hairdressers are known for thinking creatively and outside the box – and this is exactly what PeRA|357 does. The British brand brings to the market patented solutions that offer a different way to tackle some of the key services in a salon, as well as brilliant products for consumers to use at home – and all are proudly made in Britain.

It all began with one scientist, professor David Lewis. World renowned for his research in colouration technology, from wool dyeing techniques to the use of colour to prevent fraud on bank notes, David has since applied all his knowledge into discovering how hair colour works. During his research, David was very surprised to identify that the vast majority of hair colour products work using technology that is many years old and felt it was time for a kinder – safer – and more flexible approach, while remaining effective or being even better.

PeRA|357 then got to work setting up a lab in Leeds for David and his fellow scientists so that they could work directly with professional hairdressers and gain first-hand information from the people that know.

The science behind Re-Kolour is a great example of PeRA|357’s approach and is what makes what the brand does so unique. Hair colour removers have always traditionally worked by shattering the colour molecule in the hair. However, this only masks it and does not actually remove it. Re-Kolour turns the colour molecule into being water soluble and is actually removed from the hair without the use of harsh chemicals. Another great benefit is that Re-Kolour is free from formaldehyde, so no horrible smells wafting through your salon!

See the below diagram to see how the science behind Re-Kolour works: