Erase hair’s history – we show you how

Ever wished you could turn back time? While we can’t undo many of life’s regrets, we can help with your client’s hair mistakes of days gone by. Introducing Fudge Professional’s Treatment Time Machine: a 3-step system that will turn back time and erase hair’s history (yes, really!).

Whether your clients have frazzled their hair too many times with the straighteners or wished they could take back that botched DIY dye job, Treatment Time Machine can make it seem like it never happened.

So how does it work? The 3-step system reprograms hair’s inner and outer structure for demi-permanent results, delivered instantly in-salon and extended at home for continuous protection for up to 10 weeks.

Perfect for all hair types, especially hair that has undergone a lot of damage either through the colouring process or day-to-day styling, this treatment repairs breakages to the internal structures of the hair shaft and surface cuticle, leaving hair stronger, softer and smoother.

The first two stages are applied in-salon, repairing and sealing the cuticle, while locking in colour for up to 10 weeks when used on coloured hair. Step three is an at-home treatment, which complements the first two steps, maintaining the improved condition of the hair between salon visits.

Step 1 (REPAIR): Rewind Fuel
This in-salon treatment builds the inner core of the hair and moisture shield for cellular renewal, reversing damage for 180 per cent stronger hair*. The formula features Keralink and Kerabind – the former is a naturally derived vegetable protein made up of low weight molecules that help make it penetrate the hair shaft more effectively. It helps build and strengthen the bonds of the protein chain within the hair shaft’s inner cortex. The latter – Kerabind – is made up of a golden keratin amino acid complex and brings robustness to the inner core of the hair, aiding cellular renewal.

Step 2 (SHIELD): Seal & Armour
This in-salon treatment repairs split ends in one use*, regenerating and replacing hair’s natural protective shield, leaving it eight times softer. The formula features Keraguard, which comprises naturally derived plant oils from palm, coconut and castor, that actively work on the surface of the hair to repair and rebuild the protective cuticle layer’s lipid shield, leaving hair shiny and nourished.

Step 3 (MAINTAIN): Top Lock
This complementary at-home treatment leaves hair five times softer and smoother for up to 10 weeks*.

The antioxidant-rich formula fights free radicals and defends against external damage, while continued lipid protection from strengthening proteins and amino acids replenish the hair’s natural reserves, ensuring hair is in the very best condition. Hair is left smoother and its improved moisture levels help ward off the damaging effects of heat styling,

Start future proofing hair today with Fudge Professional’s Treatment Time Machine. For more information, visit and #Fudgetimemachine on social media.

*When used as part of the three-step Treatment Time Machine regime