Enter the world of NIOXIN

With 50 per cent of men and women concerned about thinning hair, we show you the products and services you need to have in your salon to help half of all clients thrive with new-found confidence.


NIOXIN 3-Part Care system

The foundation of thicker, fuller-looking hair, this innovative 3-part system kit applies advanced skin care technology to cleanse, optimise and treat the hair and scalp. There are six System Kits in total and you can determine which one is for your client by looking at how visible their thinning hair is, the hair texture and if their hair has been chemically treated.


NIOXIN Scalp Renew

This in-salon dermabrasion service and take-home treatment is designed to help regenerate the scalp surface and reduce hair loss by 54 per cent*. The in-salon service is like a facial for the scalp, while the take home Density Protection Treatment helps restore a dense, vibrant and healthy appearance to hair.


NIOXIN Intensive treatment

These advanced treatments are formulated to meet the specific needs of clients with thinning hair. Diaboost is proven to increase the diameter of each existing hair strand, penetrating hair to leave it fuller, more manageable and strengthened against breakage; Deep Repair Hair Masque protects hair density by strengthening the shaft against damage for up to 97 per cent reduction of hair loss**. Delivers improved condition, manageability and added smoothness; Hair Booster, formulated with KeraPro Complex, is an intensive leave-on booster for specific areas of concern, such as receding hairline or low-density crown; and Night Density Rescue, containing NIOXYDINE24 technology – a blend of antioxidants known to neutralise free radicals on the surface of the scalp – is a leave-on night-time scalp treatment that aims to promote hair density by reducing hair fall*** associated with scalp oxidation.


NIOXIN 3D styling

The styling range complements the 3-Part System Kits by addressing the same three causes of thinning and providing effective products for thicker, fuller looks. Thickening Spray adds texture and body; Thickening Gel provides added definition and hold, without stiffness or stickiness; Bodifying Foam adds manageable body and hold; Niospray Strong Hold provides extra hold for those with medium to coarse hair; Definition Crème adds definition and refines hair for a smooth, shiny texture; Rejuvenating Elixir helps rejuvenate hair’s texture, leaving it soft, conditioned and manageable; Therm Activ Protector is a heat-activated spray that helps protect against breakage; and the Niospray Regular Hold is a workable spray to help create fuller-looking effects.

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*Average reduction in hair loss due to breakage and environmental factors. **Due to breakage, vs. non-conditioning shampoo. ***In three months