How to enter the 2018 Color Zoom Challenge

Enter the 2018 Color Zoom Challenge and become the star you were born to be

You want to be the very best at what you do – and be recognised for it. So how can you achieve this? Enter the Color Zoom Challenge with Goldwell. It’s one of the most prestigious live competitions in the industry and it’s your chance to put yourself out there and be seen by your peers.

How to enter

Take a look at Goldwell’s latest hair fashion collection, element∆l, and use it for your inspiration to enter the Color Zoom Challenge. Enter the category that applies to you below

NEW TALENT – Junior stylists with less than five years of experience (excluding an apprenticeship)

CREATIVE – Stylists with more than five years of experience (excluding an apprenticeship)

PARTNER – For stylists who are currently working or have been working with Goldwell as a freelancer, trainer or active representative in the past two years

The Color Zoom experience has made me more passionate about what I do and I love that I can bring elements of what I learnt back to my salon. people are also more aware of my salon as a brand
– Caroline Brand from Oracle Hair and Beauty, Bronze winner in the Creative Category at Global Zoom ’17

The next steps

  • Download your briefing kit at
  • Check out the current collection, element∆l, and make it your own
  • Choose a model and the styling
  • Create your look and do a photoshoot
  • Fill out and send back the entry form by 31 May
  • National winners will be announced in July 2018 and Global Zoom takes place in Toronto on 30 September 2018

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To enter, download your briefing kit HERE

Get organised now – the closing date is 31 May!


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