How to… stand out as a young colourist

L’Oréal Colour Trophy Star Award winner, Harriet Stokes from Not Another Salon

If the L’Oréal Colour Trophy competition was a film, the credits would roll soon after the Grand Final. The winners freeze framed and captured forever holding their trophies up high above their heads, grinning for the camera and confetti stopped mid-air from ever falling to the floor.

But in reality, winning is just the beginning of an incredible journey – particularly for the regional and main winners of the Star Award, which celebrates the hot young colourists setting hues ablaze. In 2017, these young stars got to take part in the L’Oréal Colour Trophy Star Award Colour Academy.

As part of their prize, they get the opportunity to spend £1,000 on L’Oréal Professionnel education at any of the four UK and Ireland L’Oréal Academies, as well as learn from some of the industry’s best-known colourists.

The group is made up of one winner from each of the nine regions across the UK and Ireland and they’re brought together for a year-long development programme.

The group’s first educational day was spent with Alan Edwards, from Alan Edwards Salon in Glasgow. The team attended the L’Oréal Academy in Leeds for a full day of education. This included inspirational techniques, research and recreating what they’d learned with amazing results.

This is what three of the team members had to say about their first educational day as part of the Colour Academy:

“So far, I’ve had a lot of fun with the L’Oréal Colour Academy team, spending the day with Alan Edwards and getting to know everyone was so inspiring. The creative colouring  techniques and sectioning patterns we learned are defiantly things I’ll take back into the salon and share with the team. I can’t wait for the rest of our year ahead.”
– Harriet Stokes, Not Another Salon

“Winning the Star Award felt amazing. I’ve now been given the opportunity to learn from some of the best in the industry and meet a group of new friends for life. The experience has been so much fun – I’d encourage all young stylists to enter!”
– Rachel Walsh, Bob’s Hair Salon

“Winning the Star Award was such a proud moment for me. The standard in my category was very good, so to hear my name being called on the night was amazing. The competition makes you push yourself creatively and skilfully. The support of your team is so important and my team could not have done enough to help and encourage me.”
– Lisa Roe, The Space

It was also the first time Alan Edwards had worked with the team and this is what he had to say about the day:

“Sharing my passion for colouring with the Colour Academy 2017/18 winners was great fun. I was also very impressed by how inquisitive, committed and aware they were about developing their skills and technical abilities. The Colour Academy team is a group of young creative colourists who understand about putting the hours in to keep evolving . It was a pleasure to help evolve their approach and thought pattern towards creating colouring. Going by the feedback from them. they had a great day as well.”

And this is just the beginning for the 2017 Star Awards Colour Academy – next year promises to be even more exciting!

L-R: Eastern regional winner: Kennadys, Southern regional winner: The Gallery, South Western regional winner: Toni&Guy Bournemouth, Scottish regional winner: Copperfields Hairdressing and Beauty, Ireland regional winner: The Space

L-R: Northern Irish regional winner: Bobs Hair Salon, North Western regional winner: No.77 Creative Hair, North Eastern regional winner: Frances, London regional winner: Not Another Salon, Midlands regional winner: Reds Hair Company

Don’t miss out!
Entries for L’Oréal Colour Trophy Star Award opens on Monday 8 January 2018. It is open to all UK residents aged between 16 and 25 years on closing date of entry, Monday 26 February 2018.

What you could win
Each L’Oréal Colour Trophy Star Award winner from each of the eight regions will become part of the L’Oréal Star Award Academy 2018/19. This is a one-year development programme where the winners will be inspired and educated by award-winning UK colourists. They will be mentored through a bespoke development programme to gain a deeper technical understanding of colour, while being given ideas and techniques to build their creativity.

How to enter
The entrant must submit two photos – a ‘before’ image of their model prior to any colour application and an ‘after’ photo of their model once the hair has been coloured.

To find out more, visit lorealcolourtrophy.com

Good luck!