Shoot to thrill

These are the shots I love the most – and here’s why

This is my first-ever photographic collection. My concept was to look at how colour affects mood. I was inspired by Andy Warhol’s print of Marilyn Monroe. (Also, can I point out the green hair and this was six years ago…hello 😊 )




Inspired by colours found in nature, and exploring disconnection and contrast, this shot shows how strong placement and bold colour is always a winning combination

Almost “anti-balayage” in its placement, this first shot looks at creating banding, as opposed to blending; the second look pre-dated the denim trend by at least a year!





This was our ‘Anti Shoot’.

We wanted a raw feeling of stripped-back, undone beauty, so our DIY girls were inspired by the 70s UK punk scene fused with an early 70s NYC disco feel