Syd Hayes and his magical mystery creative station #2

Full of dazzling spectacles, daring interactive experiences and deftly coiffed creations, the first ever Featured Artist LIVE event was held in London last month. Dreamed up by the night’s ringmaster, Syd Hayes, and sponsored by BaByliss PRO,  the evening followed a slightly twisted circus theme. Blending laughter and learning, it saw guests pushing creative boundaries while playing with hair in fun and fascinating new ways.

You spin me round, round, baby…

In this zone, each participant was given a fringe or ponytail (put together with a selection of coloured hair wefts and then tied together by hair elastic) and asked to style it as they wished, using a selection of BaByliss PRO electrical tools. Once they had achieved their desired look, they were blindfolded, spun around and asked to pin their pony onto a picture (we had a whole variety in this area, showing horses heads and asses). The point of this was to be quick-thinking and give you a feel for hair – something that is very hard to teach.