Out of this world

There’s been a flutter of fresh excitement over neon hair – just take a look at Guy Tang’s Instagram! – and we couldn’t resist this fun, inventive and experimental film from Michel & Colette, a middle-eastern hairdresser and make-up artist duo based in Lebanon. This show, Galactic Dimensions, features the glowiest of neon creations, a beauty in Beirut that took two months to plan, 15 days to prep and required more than 350 balloons!

Fancy experimenting with some UV? We caught up with Michel to find out how this show was brought together…

How did you get from the initial idea to what happened on stage?

Michel: “I wanted to work with materials different to hair. So I searched for ones similar to neon and found the PVC plastic, which I found I could work with and develop my idea into something tangible. Also, I used shapes that are traditionally used for hair styles – and then during the actual show I improvised and so many additional ideas were added on the spot.”

What did you try and what did and didn’t work?

“There were many things that didn’t work during the preparations, especially because the idea was initiative and there was no reference to look back to or to follow. The atelier was extremely messy, we had colours covering every single inch of the salon, and the materials were spread everywhere. The PVC scratched easily and many of the ‘pieces’ broke or became damaged quickly. We had to take extreme care in the preparation.”

What did you learn about using UV colours?

“It was extremely funny. Working with these materials made it an incredible experience. During the trials, we were splashing the colours everywhere, trying to discover how it worked with the material and every single detail about it. Actually, it isn’t about learning from these colours, it is about discovering something new.”

What were you particularly pleased about?

“Everything about this show amazing. Everyone who came absolutely loved it and their feedback made it all worthwhile. They wanted to know every detail – the music, materials, styling and said how innovative it was that we made something so different. We attracted great interest with the show being covered throughout the Arab region by different media channels. I was given the title ‘AvantGardist’, which makes me incredibly proud.”

What was in your kit bag?

“This bag included coloured sprays, which I mixed live during the show.”

What did you use for the UV colour?

“Special-effect products were used, which are usually used in films for creating CGI and special effects scenes. The clothes and props I found in London’s Camden Town, which is an area I personally find very inspiring.”