Not Another Academy

Welcome to Sophia Hilton education

Not Another Academy was not supposed to open in my first year of business –that just didn’t seem sensible at the time. However, the techniques we were creating in the salon caused such a stir on social media that we were inundated with people asking if we offered education.

And so because of this demand we launched a selection of truly unique courses that you can’t get anywhere else, and which consistently sell out week after week. From ‘the perfect bleed’ to a ‘grey specialist course it’s not only the contents of the courses that are different.

The education is really chilled out. None of that high-pressure rubbish that you usually feel when you’re on courses; it’s hands on most of the day (because hairdressers can’t sit) and most of all it’s super fun!

Here’s a little inside information about what we have on offer.

The Perfect Bleed

Consistently our fastest-selling course due to the huge impact our bleeding techniques have made on social media. The Perfect Bleed is about perfecting your blending techniques and professionalising your colours to the next level. Learn all about bringing more colourful shades into your palette and how to make them look and feel expensive. Both colourful looks and natural, commercial looks are achieved and perfected.

Grey Specialist

There is a nation of hairdressers that is both excited and terrified when a client comes in and asks for grey. It’s a national pandemic but we all need to get on top of this trend because it’s not going anywhere! My Grey Specialist course allows you to take out all the guesswork, learn exact formulas and learn all the pitfalls. Not only will you truly understand silver, steel, denim and stone wash, your bleaching techniques will be tightened and perfected.

100% Freehand Balayage

Classic 100% Balayage is the most well-respected and prestigious technique in freehand colouring. Learn the art of soft colour, lines that blend beautifully and ribbons of natural highlights all the way from the root. Phase out those back-to-back foils and enter instead a world of creative, beautiful, natural colour.

Anti Classic Hair Up

Learn to get faster and more modern in one day! I’ve been teaching speed hair up for 6 years across six countries and one of the biggest issues I’ve found when travelling is that my students want to make their hair up more modern and less classic – essentially reflecting more of what you see celebrities wearing on the red carpet. This course shows you all the tips to modernise your work and make everything look more simple. Plus, I show you styles you can do on your client in less than 5 minutes!

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