New York Stories #2

Meet Emily, a Manhattan-based actress who’s about to get her hair cut by Bumble and bumble stylist Tom Gallagher at the House of Bumble…

Spray hair with Bumble and bumble Prep and then add a fine mist of Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil Primer. Separate the front hairline from ear to ear

Using your hands, isolate sections  (or “pleats”) of hair according to weight/density. The density of each “pleat” determines the angle of elevation at which you’ll cut in the layers. If the “pleat” is thin and needs strengthening, use zero elevation; denser “pleats” require more elevation. Work intuitively to determine this…

Continue in this way around the headshape, connecting the sides to the front

Hair density varies from person to person, so be present to ensure a bespoke cut. Emily has more density at the top of her head, so here we use maximum elevation to create balance in weight distribution.
This allows for easier styling and longevity of the cut

Run your hands through the hair as a final check for weight distribution. Before blow-drying apply Bumble and bumble styling creme in root area,   Bumble and bumble Pret a Powder all over, then finish with a drive-by of Bumble and bumble Dry Oil Finishing Spray

For a more natural finish, use cold air for at least the last few minutes of your blow dry

“Cutting freehand with scissors creates strength to hair, adds natural movement, and effortless texture with manageability. This is a well-balanced haircut that will grow out beautifully”
– Tom Gallagher, Bumble and bumble