“I created Monad as a hair series to present hair outside of an everyday fashion/beauty context and into a more conceptual, thematic area, serving the hair fully without any distractions.

“The title comes from the Greek word ‘monas’, which means ‘a single unit’. The title connection was vital to convey its unique and experimental approach.

“Half inorganic and half organic, the series was captured in two approaches. One set of close-ups on a head and one set on a model for the ‘movement’ shots. I chose to photograph the hair pieces on a head purely to facilitate an atmosphere of the ‘model’ being inanimate and faceless, therefore nothing takes attention from the hair. For the live model shots, we captured our model Rosa in various poses wrapped in UV fabric material lying down.

“The series was captured by my photographer Tony Monckton in a simple dark room setting with a single light. Its simplicity coupled, with working with a small team, facilitated the raw and provocative nature of the pictures.”

Hair: Andrew Thomas Corbett
Photography: Tony Monckton
Make-up: Aga
Model: Rosa Rubio