Meet Syd’s Featured Artist LIVE team

I couldn’t have done it without these guys!

Full of dazzling spectacles, daring interactive experiences and deftly coiffed creations, the first ever Featured Artist LIVE event was held in London last month. Dreamed up by the night’s ringmaster, Syd Hayes, and sponsored by BaByliss PRO,  the evening followed a slightly twisted circus theme. Blending laughter and learning, it saw guests pushing creative boundaries while playing with hair in fun and fascinating new ways.

Paula McCash

Paula has worked on my team for four years – two of them as my first assistant.  She’s a brilliant all-round hairstylist with great expertise in colour and is fantastic with wigs. She also great fun, which is so important when you’re away a lot!


Jason Lawrence

A huge talent and supremely dedicated, Jason has worked with me on shows for the past two years and is amazing with wigs – he even teaches me new tricks on occasion. He has worked with all the best, including Malcolm Edwards, and I consider myself very lucky to have him on my team!


Ryan Wood

Ryan’s been working with me on shows for the last three to four years and has huge experience on the circuit.  He often helps me as a third on shoots and jobs where I have or more girls, like the recent British Vogue December issue with Juergen Teller.

Tracey Gallagher (on right in photo)

A serious talent! Tracey has incredible experience, working alongside Andrew Barton at Saks for many years and now based at Urban Retreat. She can finger-wave so incredibly well, and there aren’t many that can! Great to be around, and is incredibly cool about passing on her knowledge to new team members.


BaByliss PRO

I have been working with BaByliss PRO for the past 18 months. My goal has been to inspire people and change the way they look at the brand, and together I believe we have achieved that. We have a new campaign just out – beautiful new images that are modern and cool and hopefully breaking new boundaries for the consumer. BaByliss PRO are so supportive; the collaboration is cool and working really well! 🙂