Life in the Fast lane

The fashion show that pushed me to new limits

One of my all-time favourite fashion shows that I’ve worked on was for Mark Fast. Mark is such a creative genius, but he also has a phenomenal eye for colour.

Here, the idea behind the hair was to create a couture hair look with simple, strong colour. In order to do this tastefully, we decided to match the hair pieces with the colour of the garments.

Mark gave me swatches of different fabrics and threads that were going to be used in the collection, so that I could colour-match them exactly. For me, it was also important that the colour had the same or a similar reflection to the clothes as well. So, for the pink pieces I had to colour the hair pink but also treat the hair with different gels and shine treatments, in order for the colour to reflect appropriately.

This process took a while as I had to colour the pieces two or three times each to get the right tonality and hue. Each hair piece was at a level 10 before we started.

We wanted the orange to look really artificial, so that piece was treated with gloss and keratin products before we coloured the hair with pure tone. Most of the mixtures were tertiary mixtures of tones only.